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Beoplay EX Wireless...

Regular price zł1,899.00 -zł200.00 Price zł1,699.00
Laagste prijs: zł1,499.00 +zł200.00
As versatile as they are beautiful, these earbuds with wireless charging case and active noise cancellation bring deep sound and snug comfort in...
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Beoplay H95 Wireless...

Regular price zł4,649.00 -zł1,000.00 Price zł3,649.00
Laagste prijs: zł3,649.00 zł0.00
<p>Comfort and fit are essential to truly enjoy the sound quality. The Beoplay H95 is designed with an over-ear design featuring soft...
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Beoplay HX Wireless...

Regular price zł2,789.00 -zł790.00 Price zł1,999.00
Laagste prijs: zł1,831.00 +zł168.00
Wireless headphones with noise cancellation. Listen in comfort whether you're on a call, working from home or taking a moment for yourself.
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Beosound 2 Active Speaker

Regular price zł13,949.00 -zł2,050.00 Price zł11,899.00
Laagste prijs: zł11,899.00 zł0.00
Powerful multiroom speaker sounding every bit as beautiful as it looks. Captivating no matter where you place it or how you use it.
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Beosound A1 Portable Speaker

Regular price zł1,399.00 -zł200.00 Price zł1,199.00
Laagste prijs: zł1,199.00 zł0.00
The slim Beosound A1 second generation is a new incarnation of the iconic, powerful portable speaker with a modernised user interface and expected...
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Beosound A5 Portable Speaker

Regular price zł4,649.00 -zł150.00 Price zł4,499.00
Laagste prijs: zł4,499.00 zł0.00
Great sound anywhere - at home or outdoors. Beosound A5 is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker with long battery life and wireless charging built in.
  • -zł3,140.00

Beosound A9 Active Speaker

Regular price zł16,739.00 -zł3,140.00 Price zł13,599.00
Laagste prijs: zł15,299.00 -zł1,700.00
Sound and form come together in this iconic, customizable speaker. Seven drivers provide the power. A century of craftsmanship ensures the form.
  • -zł1,400.00

Beosound Balance Active...

Regular price zł13,499.00 -zł1,400.00 Price zł12,099.00
Laagste prijs: zł13,399.00 -zł1,300.00
A speaker that excites the eye and ear from every angle. Come home to a music sensation with Beosound Balance.
  • -zł7,010.00

Beosound Edge Active Speaker

Regular price zł13,709.00 -zł7,010.00 Price zł6,699.00
Laagste prijs: zł9,299.00 -zł2,600.00
BeoSound Edge is a compact and powerful wireless speaker, which through magical interaction, timeless design and cutting-edge acoustic innovation,...
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Beosound Emerge Active Speaker

Regular price zł4,189.00 -zł340.00 Price zł3,849.00
Laagste prijs: zł3,849.00 zł0.00
A slim WiFi speaker that fits anywhere and reaches you anywhere in the room with full range and ultra-wide sound. The perfect compact home speaker.
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BeoSound Explore Portable...

Regular price zł1,159.00 -zł260.00 Price zł899.00
Laagste prijs: zł899.00 zł0.00
Portable. Powerful. Ready for action. Beosound Explore is a waterproof wireless speaker designed for adventure and provides up to 27 hours of...
  • -zł1,770.00

Beosound Level Active Speaker

Regular price zł8,369.00 -zł1,770.00 Price zł6,599.00
Laagste prijs: zł7,699.00 -zł1,100.00
Make it durable, make it timeless. Beosound Level is our promise to design future-proof products that last. You go, Level follows. Power,...
  • -zł3,800.00

Beosound Stage Soundbar

Regular price zł10,699.00 -zł3,800.00 Price zł6,899.00
Laagste prijs: zł8,999.00 -zł2,100.00
Powerful soundbar that brings Bang & Olufsen sound to your own TV without the need of a subwoofer.